20th anniversary of the Med Race in Propriano

Fra 13 september 2012 til 23 september 2012
  • The Medrace in Propriano

    The Medrace in Propriano

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20th anniversary of the Med Race in Propriano 20110 Propriano fr

The Med Race, formerly « La Route des Iles », is the last stage of the French Offshore Sailing Crew Championships. These races for M34 class vessels take place every year between Marseille, Ajaccio and Propriano. 

The jewel in the SNCM’s crown is the vessel Napoléon Bonaparte, moored in Propriano harbour. It is transformed into a real floating stadium holding 2000 and it is in front of this stand that a number of spectacular regattas take place. The course has been specially designed in order to allow spectators to view the start, the finish and the main manoeuvres carried out by the crews around the various buoys, while receiving live commentary. In this way, spectators aboard the Napoléon Bonaparte feel that they are in the heart of the race.