24 Hours of Mans Moto

Fra 24 september 2012 til 26 september 2012
  • 24H of Mans moto

    24H of Mans moto

  • 24H of Mans moto

    24H of Mans moto

24 Hours of Mans Moto 72100 LE MANS fr

World motorbike racing at its best!

Enter the world of endurance racing, an extraordinary competitive arena that all motorbike manufacturers and professional riders are crazy for… Honda, Yamaha, Kawazaki and Suzuki will all be represented on the starting line, ready to race and ready to win!

The 24 Hours of Le Mans is first and foremost a major race, but it is also a vital networking hub for motor sport-lovers in general and super-bike fans in particular. For an entire week, a festive biker spirit will sweep over the city as a whole. Whether with family or friends, those who appreciate the throaty roar of cutting-edge superbikes will not be disappointed by the 24 Hours of Le Mans motorcycle race.



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From Monday, September 24 2012 to Tuesday, September 25 2012

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