Avignon Festival

Fra 06 juli 2016 til 24 juli 2016
Avignon Festival 84000 AVIGNON fr

All Avignon's a stage…

Set up by Jean Vilar in 1947, the Avignon Festival is one of the oldest and most famous theatre festivals in the world.
Originally dedicated exclusively to traditional theatre, it has since widened its range to include contemporary theatre as well as dance, musicals, puppetry, and all forms of performance art in general.

In conjunction with the official festival, the "off" (off-stage, or fringe) festival is widely successful with as many as 600 companies making the trip from every region of France and from other countries to perform in the street during the festival. Thus the entire city becomes a stage on which diverse artistic disciplines merge and contrast with each other. The main official part of the festival will take place in the magnificent setting of the Cour d'Honneur at the Palais des Papes.



Enquiries on: +33 04 90 27 66 50
Also in other venues in the city