Dunkerque Carnaval

Fra 28 januar 2012 til 11 marts 2012
  • © Ville de Dunkerque

  • © Ville de Dunkerque

  • © Ville de Dunkerque

Dunkerque Carnaval 59140 Dunkerque fr

Welcome to Dunkerque-Dunes de Flandre, a destination that comes alive to the sound of fifes and drums from January through March in an authentic and certainly popular celebration. A quite natural and normal period for the local Dunkerquois, however definitely exciting and surprising for visitors… It’s Dunkerque Carnaval!

Music and songs

The moment the first few bars of music from the festival are played, the mood is set for Carnaval. The music comprises of fifes, drums and brass instruments. Musicians are everywhere, dressed in classically French striped marine tops with yellow jackets. Having a go at understanding the local dialect, “dunkerquoi”, and singing along with the songs are the first steps into the Carnaval!


From January 28 to March 11, 2012

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