Festival de Carcassonne

Fra 22 juni 2012 til 05 august 2012
Festival de Carcassonne 11000 CARCASSONNE fr

All the arts in Carcassonne.

The Carcassonne Festival is now a major national and even international event. Every year, prestigious sites of historical significance and character (such as the Grand Théâtre Antique, the Saint-Nazaire basilica and the courtyard of the château of Carcassone) become a stage for dancers, singers and actors for some top quality performances.
These scenic locations add a new dimension to the performances.

The Festival brings theatre, opera, dance and concerts to Carcassonne like a breath of fresh air throughout the whole of July, maintaining over the years a high standard which in turn sets a standard for the city's cultural establishments. Only the best perform at the Festival de Carcassonne, artists who are nationally and internationally renowned: this is often the only performance date in France for some stars. A loyal crowd returns again and again to these events during the summer season.

The exciting and varied line-up for this festival will once again feature a perfect cocktail of jazz, classical music, dance and theatre. Don't miss out!


From Friday, June 22 2012 to Sunday, August 5 2012

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From Friday 22 June to Sunday 5 August 2012 :