Fête de la Nature

Fra 09 maj 2012 til 13 maj 2012
Fête de la Nature 75011 PARIS fr

The teachings of Mother nature.

Organised by the French World Conservation Union and Terre Sauvage magazine, this Nature Festival is all about showing (or reminding) the public about the stakes of global biodiversity. It will be a unique occasion to celebrate nature, to learn to protect it in natural settings and in everyday urban life. The program includes a number of great activities - discovering new species, professions in the field, secret natural spaces…

Around 5000 events, outings and activities, all free and family-oriented, will be scheduled throughout the whole of France for all who wish to participate. The objective of this event is to help people appreciate nature, to bring the two closer together, and to learn of the myriad benefits that mother nature has in store for us.

Wonder will lead to interest and to understanding, which in turn will lead to a need for preservation.



For more information, write to the organisers



From Wednesday, May 9 2012 to Sunday, May 13 2012

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