Historic wine harvest in Rhône Valley

Fra 20 oktober 2012 til 21 oktober 2012
  • This Historic wine harvest

    This Historic wine harvest

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Historic wine harvest in Rhône Valley 30200 Chusclan fr

This Historic wine harvest weekend offers a chance to learn all about winemaking in the 1930s-1940s.

The village streets covered with straw are invaded by vintners in costume and horses, garages become little shops featuring wine, local products and arts and crafts. The village’s famous “Côtes du Rhône Villages” wine is free for the tasting.

The vintners’ parade led by the “Compagnie de la Côte du Rhône Gardoise” takes the public for the last harvest of the year to the strains of traditional chants. Wielding their pruning knives, vintners and visitors alike mimic the gestures of the past then, back in the village, there is authentic traditional crushing and pressing of grapes. The festivities close with sampling of the harvest to accordion music and popular songs.