Sentez-vous Sport, Santé vous bien

Fra 10 september 2012 til 11 september 2012
Sentez-vous Sport, Santé vous bien 75019 PARIS fr

Get active!

How many times have you made a resolution to do more exercise, only to let it not happen? Exercise has the obvious benefits of making us look and feel better, and is a key element in a healthy life. The French authorities thus launched the operation Sentez-vous Sport, or "Feel Sport".

On the programme are a couple of days dedicated to trying different sports, or finding information about them, in many towns all over France. Open to everyone, this initiative invites people of all ages to get active and have fun while doing exercise and playing sport regularly.



Everywhere in France

More information on the official website



From Monday, September 10 2012 to Tuesday, September 11 2012

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