Vivendi Cup, golf tournament

Fra 23 september 2012 til 26 september 2012
  • Vivendi Cup

    Vivendi Cup

  • Vivendi Cup

    Vivendi Cup

Vivendi Cup, golf tournament 78240 CHAMBOURCY fr

Pros and amateurs play together.

The Vivendi Cup is a men's Golf Tournament which alternates with the Vivendi Trophy and makes up part of the European Tour competitions.

An exceptional 72 hole challenge of stroke play will pit the professional players but also amateur golfers against one another. The Vivendi Cup opens its doors to a very broad audience of players to allow enthusiasts to practice on a field optimised for professionals.
The principle is simple, the Alliance Formula allows a professional player to be combined with an amateur player into a team with a common score. So, grab your clubs!


From Sunday, September 23 2012 to Wednesday, September 26 2012

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