Guadeloupe Carnival

From January 01, 2017 to March 01, 2017
  • © P. Giraud - CTIG

  • © P. Giraud - CTIG

  • © P. Giraud - CTIG

Guadeloupe Carnival gp

Join the carnival in Guadeloupe


The carnival in Guadeloupe is an event in which everyone participates! The festivities begin on Sunday after the epiphany. Come and mingle with the dancing crowds to the rhythmic cadence of brass and percussion, amongst the colourful floats of a thousand colours with flashing rhinestones and sequins adorning the costumes.

Ash Wednesday marks the last day of Carnival, the day when Vaval, the King of Carnival, is burned.

The biggest events of the carnival take place at Pointe-à-Pitre and Basse-Terre, but other cities in Guadeloupe are also celebrating! 

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