2012 Halloween

31 oktober 2012
2012 Halloween 75019 PARIS fr

Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble…

Once again, parades of ghoulishly dressed up children - eager for sweets - will abound, and fancy dress parties will take place everywhere.

This custom has been adopted in France, having been first celebrated in Ireland and some parts of Britain, and then really popularised in the United States.

The word 'Halloween' comes from the English expression All Hallows Eve, the night before the Feast of All Saints.

According to legend, on the night of the 31st October, ghosts return to visit the living. To appease their spirits, the villagers used to place offerings in front of their doors.
Since then, this tradition has been transformed into a celebration enjoyed by young and old, and is now a great opportunity to throw a party in Autumn.
Allow the magic of Halloween to put a bit of spice into your life!



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