Festival d'Ile de France

Från 08 september 2012 till 14 oktober 2012
  • Festival d'Ile de France

    © D.R. Festival Ile de France

    Festival d'Ile de France

    © D.R. Festival Ile de France

Festival d'Ile de France 51 Rue Ste Anne 75002 Paris fr

The new season of the Festival d'Ile de France will represent a pause for a music which is in eternal departure.  

Now, as in the past, individuals as well as people travel. Whether this is through uprooting or a search for the Promised Land, for reasons of flight or out of quest, life has become lived as an exile, the path chosen for an entire people or for a lone person looking for a better place.

Going beyond the dispersion of people, the members of a community find each other, come together, and remember each other. Memories are transmitted and the nostalgia of a foundational past sets in. In the host land, identity is shaken, language becomes memory, and the choice between forgetting and transmitting a history can become a rending one. Exchanges multiply around a common identity, and cultural models are transmitted and renewed according to the separate evolutions taking place in each part of the diaspora communities. Space is reinvented, time becomes the present, and otherness takes the place of rootlessness.

During these wanderings, many a sound has accompanied the long march, the sound of chants repeated and transmitted a thousand times, the sound of instruments at times hidden in traveling bags, all of which are unique treasures inseparable from the oral memory which is being created. This music is one of remembrance, of loss, or of travel. It is also one of transformations and encounters.

Admission fees and rates

From 6 to 25 euros (Box Office open from the 18/06 to the 12/07 then from the 21/08 to the 13/10)

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