Lama Film Festival

Från 28 juli 2012 till 03 augusti 2012
  • Open air screening

    © Lama, the village

    Open air screening

    © Lama, the village

Lama Film Festival 20218 Lama fr

Each year, during the first week of August, the village of Lama hosts its own grandly titled European Festival of Cinema and Rural Life. This annual event, founded in 1994, is a celebration of the cinema in the countryside and the countryside in the cinema.

There are lots of events and activities such as open air film screenings and activities for children. There are even meetings of theatre and music professionals and enthusiasts, and a workshop for local and visiting children to introduce them to the process of film-making from the writing to the finished product.

A week of cinema under the stars...


Admission fees and rates

  • Normal: 7 euros
  • Reduced : 5 euros (children under 12 years old)
  • Passport : 38 euros
  • Passport reduced rate: 25 euros
  • 5 tickets: 25 euros