Medieval Gardens in Troyes

Från 15 april 2012 till 15 oktober 2012
  • Medieval Gardens

    © Aube en Champagne

    Medieval Gardens

    © Aube en Champagne

Medieval Gardens in Troyes 10000 Troyes fr

Each year, the City of Troyes rebuilds short-lived gardens inspired by Medieval times.

In 2012, the theme of these gardens will be textile plants, plants that provide fibres that are used partly or as a whole in weaving.

In Troyes, ancient capital of Champagne, six medieval gardens open their doors from spring to autumn.

An unusual way to discover the medieval past of the city, the different functions of plants, and within a stroll as relaxing as green.

From april to october, come and admire some wonderful gardens in the hearth of the city. Do not hesitate to come there and discover these 6 exceptional gardens!

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