Saint Barth Cata Cup

Från 14 november 2012 till 18 november 2012
Saint Barth Cata Cup 97133 SAINT BARTHELEMY fr

Paradise regatta.

The Caribbean Sea is not just a backdrop for a beach holiday, it also sees a prestigious nautical event: the St Barth Cata Cup. In the turquoise water, catamarans skim at high speed around the island.

Founded in 1992 by a group of people who love the sea and sailing, the St Barth Cata Cup brings together teams from around the world. A sporting event, where technical prowess and speed is mixed with the elegance... the race will excite the participants but will also delight the audience.



For further information contact Thierry Lhinare on 0033 6 90 63 60 42 or Vincent Jordil on 0033 6 90 59 01 46.



From Wednesday, November 14 2012 to Sunday, November 18 2012