Strasbourg-Europe Mondial Beer Festival

Från 22 oktober 2012 till 24 oktober 2012
Strasbourg-Europe Mondial Beer Festival 67000 STRASBOURG fr

The secret to brewing great beer.

Beer is in the spotlight at the Mondial Beer Fest inviting the public to discover all there is to know about this popular beverage, which readily lends itself to tasting sessions.

Indeed there will be plenty of opportunities to sample beers in all varieties and flavours. Come and find out about the origins and production processes behind your favourite beer.

Delve into the secrets of brewing and the skills required to achieve top quality beer! The fair is also an opportunity to discover beers from abroad. In total, more than 400 different beers will be available to tickle your palate!






From Monday, October 22 2012 to Wednesday, October 24 2012