Techno Parade

15 september 2012
Techno Parade 75012 PARIS fr

Dance your way through the streets of the capital.

The aim of the Techno Parade, organised by the Technopol association, is to promote the French electronic music scene with a large-scale, fun, open-air musical event for everyone, totally free of charge.

Besides the theory and philosophy this is a well run Paris institution: 11 months of preparation, a 5 to 6 km parade route, 20-odd floats which come from all over France, 150 performers, 100 volunteers and 500 000 participants thronging the streets of Paris.

The Parade itself will be made up of half a million dancing, fun-loving music fans - so whether you dig electro music and in particular the French touch or are just curious and feel like joining in the fun, you will hear every imaginable style (trance, hard-tek, house, psy, goa, DnB, jungle…) to suit everyone's tastes. Experience the techno vibe in the heart of Paris, a mobile nightclub in the daylight, with some of the best DJs on the planet: this is one of the best street parties in Europe.



Metro Bastille or Quai de la Râpée



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