"Templars. Their history is our treasure" in Troyes

Från 16 juni 2012 till 31 oktober 2012
  • Templars. Their history is our treasure

    © Aube en Champagne

    Templars. Their history is our treasure

    © Aube en Champagne

"Templars. Their history is our treasure" in Troyes Rue de la Cité 10000 Troyes fr

Let your thoughts wander back to the Knights Templar's past, accross Aube in Champagne, the birthplace of the Order of the Temple.

Travelling though the Middle Ages will enable you to go deep into the monks-soldiers' secrets. Archives and valuables will be revealed.

700 years after the Order’s dissolution at the Council of Vienna in 1312, the exhibition will reveal the history and life of the Order, relying on the latest scientific discoveries. The visitor will wander from the imaginary to the historical reality.

Major documents will be on display for viewing. These include the scroll of the legal proceedings, which restores, on more than 20 metres of parchment, the interrogations of the Templars. This precious, rare and fragile document is part of an exceptional loan from the National Archives. The public will also be able to see the monetary treasure of the Payns Commandery (Aube) – 1st Templars Occident Commandery – as well as the archaeological treasures of the Avalleur Commandery (Bar-sur-Seine, Aube), opened to the public for the first time.

Opening times

Open every day from 9:30 am to 7:00 pm

Symbolic sites in Aube

  • Hugues de Payns Museum (in memory of the funder of the Order of the Temple)
  • Avalleur commandery
  • Clairvaux abbey
  • Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul cathedral in Troyes

Admission fees and rates

Free admission

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