Published on 02 december 2014
  • Jules Vernes, Scallops dish – J’aime Paris

    Jules Vernes, Scallops dish – J’aime Paris

    © Pierre Monetta

  • New-York view- J’aime New-York

    New-York view- J’aime New-York

    © Pierre Monetta

  • London view – J’aime Londres

    London view – J’aime Londres

    © Pierre Monetta

  • ABC Kitchen – J’aime New-York

    ABC Kitchen – J’aime New-York

    © Pierre Monetta

  • DBGB - J’aime New-York

    DBGB - J’aime New-York

    © Pierre Monetta

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Welcome to Goût de/Good France press corner. Here, you will find our news report along with the event logo, press releases, and photos. Growing interest and excitement for cooking in a broad sense sparked an international dialogue, and Goût de/Good France intends to get involved.

Articles on gastronomy and tourism, publications related to the Goût de/Good France event: Goût de/Good in the news will provide you with the latest reports on the event.