Lyon, the Capital of Gastronomy

Lyon is known as the capital of gastronomy in France and nonetheless for Paul Bocuse, the most famous chef in France. Lyon has a very rich diversity, this is partly because of its geographical location in a region with exceptional products, and partly because of the city's many talented and innovative chefs. With more than 4000 restaurants, Lyon offers very varied local cuisines catering to all tastes and price ranges, from the traditional "Bouchon" restaurants to Michelin-restaurants. You'll also find the modern bistros and brasseries that are centuries old!

The « Bouchons » of Lyon

If you want a true and local dining experience, visiting one of Lyon's "Bouchons" (traditional bistros that serve all the local specialties). Their cuisine roots in family dining, and more specifically with the women, who worked as cooks for the bourgeois. After the French revolution, they started their own restaurants, where both workers and executives would gather over a solid meal, that till this day is still served with the same authentic and homely atmosphere at the "Bouchons" of Lyon.

Today, you can find the city's best "Bouchons" by looking for restaurants with the label "Les Bouchons Lyonnais".

Bouchons lyonnais

The local specialties that you must try:

Les Halles Paul Bocuse is a covered marketplace and a true gastronomical mecca. Here you can have a taste of the different specialties from each area of the region and have a chat with the passionate local producers. Have a taste of the best specialties like the cheese from Saint Marcellin, Rosette-sausages or Quenelles, the famous fish meatballs. And of course, everything goes well with a glass of wine from the region. It is the perfect place if you're looking for delicious edible souvenirs to bring home with you!

Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse

The International City of Gastronomy

Located in the heart of the city, and newly renovated, the historical building Hôtel Dieu will be housing the International City of Gastronomy. The entire building will be turned into a four-storage gastronomical mecca, where you can embark on an interactive and educational tasting experience.

The doors will open in the fall of 2019!

Hôtel-Dieu Cite de la Gastronomie