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  • Guide to the markets of Paris
    The dairywoman's smile, fresh fish straight from the sea, piles of newly-dug vegetables and sweet-smelling fruit, a merchant raving about a miracle product and curious shoppers milling around the
  • Cruise the canals of Alsace
    For those of us dreaming of a holiday that can wash away all the stress: this is the way to do it! Sailing the canals of Alsace.  
  • Discover the Vignoble du Jura
    Located in the heart of Franche-Comté, the "Jura Vineyards" destination reveals its treasure - come along and discover the "vignoble du Jura". 
  • Discover the hiking routes of France
    The famous GR-Grandes Randonnées (hiking routes) and other historic pilgimage routes are throughout Europe but the best can be found in France.
  • Bordeaux
  • Mont-Saint-Michel
    Discover the World Heritage marvels, the Mont-Saint-Michel, its abbey and bay and the excitement of the new Mont-Saint-Michel - an experience where land, sea, sky and nature come together. 
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    You will without doubt be charmed by this quaint little town, which is just a few kilometers from Saint-Malo and Mont-Saint-Michel Dinan, with its view of the Vallée de la Rance, is a city marked by centuries of historical events. The city wall protecting the city center is a proud memorial to the...
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    The Island of Beauty boasts an incredible palette of scenery, including 1,000km of coastal landscapes, stunning shorelines, breathtaking mountains, refreshing forests and even high-altitude lakes. Visitors to Corsica can enjoy a wide choice of sports activities all year round - here are some of...
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    Located in the very heart of France, Auvergne is a unique area with a well preserved natural environment offering its visitors a real treat for both body and mind. It is one of the largest protected natural reserves in Europe, with 109 springs (including Volvic), almost a hundred volcanoes,...