Practical information for Reunion Island

  • Grande Anse Reunion Island

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    Grande Anse Reunion Island

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  • Reunion Island

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    Reunion Island

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Practical information for Reunion Island Saint Denis re

Fly Airline services

• Air FranceAir AustralCorsairfly fly to Reunion Island from Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse and Nantes (Corsairfly).

• You can reach Reunion Island via Mauritius with Air Mauritius.

Time difference between Paris and Reunion Island: + 3h in winter, + 2h in summer (GMT+ 4).

Indrejseregler Entry formalities

For French or EU nationals: identity card or a valid passport. For foreign nationals: a valid passport, visa if necessary and a return ticket or a journey continuation ticket.

Geografi Geografy

Reunion Island is one of the youngest islands on the planet. It appeared on the surface of the Indian Ocean less than three million years ago and has a mountainous landscape with a highly active volcano.

The combined action of the water, wind and underground movements of the Earth's crust have created some imposing landscapes: the three large inner cirques of Cilaos, Mafate and Salazie, the deep grooves forged by the main rivers along the slopes of the shield volcano, the high plains dotted with peaks...Concentrated in quite a small area (2,500 sq km), these rugged mountains give Reunion Island a strong geographical identity. 

Piton des Neiges is the highest point on the island: 3,070 m.

The combination of a humid tropical climate and precipitous landscape has encouraged the proliferation of specific environments, contributing to the development of native flora and fauna.

With the dry savannah in the West and the high humid forests, the slopes on the "windward side", the walls of stone where waterfalls flow and the volcanic hills, Reunion Island offers a variety of natural environments worthy of a continent. Towns have sprung up along the coast, whereas inland amongst the mountains it has remained green and untamed. 

The 210 kilometres of coastline are mostly lined with cliffs or pebble beaches lapped by the waves. Sandy beaches stretch over a total of 35 km, from the west to the south of the island. At Grand’Anse, Saint-Pierre, Saint-Leu, Saint-Gilles (La Saline, l'Ermitage), they face a coral reef with its shallow lagoons. 


Kommunikation Communication

• Dialling code

+ 262 if you are phoning outside France (if not, + 33).

• Internet: is available in many hotels but you often have to pay. It is possible to log on in cyber cafés, "cyber areas" or "cyber bases" or in multimedia libraries. Urban Wi-Fi is expanding... particularly in shopping centres..

• Strøm: Electricity: AC 220/240 volts 50 hertz. Wall sockets are provided for the same two-pin plugs as used in mainland France.


Sundhed  Health

Reunion Island does not present any special health risks.

Vaccinations are not required before entering the territory, unless passengers are coming from countries where cholera and yellow fever are prevalent.

The island is free from malaria but it is advisable to protect yourself from mosquito bites.

Medicines and hygiene products can be bought on the island through the medical and pharmacy network. 


Indkvartering Accommodation

Reunion Island has top quality hotels meeting European standards which are essential to the success of any trip (from privately-run hotels up to 5* hotels).

With 54 hotels graded to French standards including:

 One 5* hotel, four 4* hotels,

 furnished tourist apartments, 

 country cottages and guest houses,

 and many other options...

Reunion Reunion Island offers a variety of accommodation to suit everyone's needs. There are a total of 4,486 beds in hotels most of which have air-conditioned meeting rooms, audiovisual equipment and of course modern telephone systems (fax, telephone, internet, etc.).

These hotels are located in towns or seaside tourist resorts and have swimming pools, tennis courts and other leisure facilities which are greatly appreciated after a long day's work.
Around a hundred tourism professionals have signed up to the "Réunion Tourism Quality" charter and many others are working towards various national labels, demonstrating the desire on the part of the island’s professionals to offer tourists a top quality product.

Language: French is the official administrative language, but Creole is spoken.

However, most service providers also speak English.

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